About Me

melifeonline is a website for those whose life is spent mostly online. In this era of digital technology and information, social media and other online platforms are increasingly becoming popular and playing a vital role in the society.  They help the users of world wide web search and find the information or products they require instantly without the users having to make any physical effort for looking for them in the physical sphere.

melifeonline means the life online and in fact most of us are living our lives online. For melifeonline “life means everything” and “life is online”.

It’s all about Me (If you are interested in getting to know Me)

This website is authored by me. I am Panchamee Hewavissenti who is presently working as a freelance journalist, creative writer, translator and copy writer. I made my foray into the field of journalism in 2007 and has worked and freelanced for several national newspapers published in Sri Lanka. I am a trilingual journalist who writes in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages. I am also a polyglot with the command of over six languages such as English, Tamil, Sinhala, French, Japanese and Hindi.

I love taking photographs and the photographs that are used on melifeonline are taken by me. A separate section on melifeonline is dedicated for Photography.

I call myself a cook who experiments different styles of cuisines. Most of the dishes that I have prepared can be viewed on Writer’s Kitchenette.

I do not like using chemicals to look beautiful and I promote and am obsessed with organic beauty culture. I also believe in edible cosmetics which are non-toxic and cause no damage to our skin. I care for my skin with natural and organic ingredients. My organic beauty brand is Body Botany, because I believe our skin is not a laboratory to test different chemicals.

Being a student of Psychology, I carry out researches into different psychological therapies. Many say that I am health-conscious because I take pleasure in sharing information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with proper exercises and healthy, toxin-free food. I am a regular Yoga practitioner and I studied Yoga in Chennai, India. I am also a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) student with a passion for fighting and self-defense.  You can read articles relating to healthy lifestyle on Healthy Me section.

I do not call myself an excursionist, but derive enormous pleasure in travelling. And more than travelling, I love taking photographs while on the journey. I never forget to take my camera if I am to make an excursion. I invite you to virtually Travel With Me by reading my articles on this website.

I am an environmental enthusiast. I want to be a responsible and planet-friendly citizen and I always try to do my part to the planet. I want all human beings on earth to protect our home, which is this planet, in order to fight adverse environmental effects such as climate change and make it a better place for all the living beings on earth. Earth Conservation League (ECOL) was founded in the intention of dedicating our lives to protecting and conserving the environment. In ECOL section on this website, I write about everything that is concerned with the environment and nature.

I have penchant for writing among various other activities that I love to do and have authored several books. I write poetry in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages and would love to write poetry in other languages in future. You can read my poetry and learn about poetry on Faculty of Poetry.  

Happy Reading,