Age Defying Brown Rice Face Pack


Brown rice is undeniably the healthiest type of rice in comparison to the polished rice varieties. The red rice bran can be as good for the skin as for the health. Brown rice bran contains nutrients that are essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

Brown rice face masks can be prepared at home in a few simple steps to care for the skin naturally. Homemade brown rice cream can be used for exfoliating as well for obtaining a fair, flawless, young and healthy looking skin.

Red rice is one of the rich ingredients in many anti-wrinkle beauty products as the bran contains anti-oxidants, proteins and vitamins to defy skin aging. The natural chemicals found in brown rice also helps retain the elasticity of the skin.

The protein content in brown rice is higher than its white counterpart. Since the protein is required to regenerate the cells in the epidermis of the skin, brown rice mask is of help to maintain a young looking skin. The brown rice face masks are known to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin to make the skin healthy and radiant.  It also helps repair the damaged skin.

The brown rice face masks are soothing to the skin and protect the skin from breakouts. This mask also removes sun tan successfully.

Brown rice face masks help lighten the skin with regular use. It is also effective in removing blemishes on face. Nutrient rich brown rice masks are proven to tone the skin. Apart from brown rice face masks, the brown rice water can also be used as a toner. (When making toner with brown rice, make sure to strain the liquid using a cotton cloth to get rid of flakes)

Red rice cream is a highly effective natural scrub that can also use for removing white and black heads on face. Red rice cream scrub efficiently exfoliates the skin and is a highly effective body scrub that removes dead skin cells as well as the dirt in the body. The scrub also smoothens the skin and can be applied on callous skin to get rid of callosity.

This nutrient-laden brown rice face mask is a one of the effective ways to care for the skin naturally without the use of harmful chemicals to maintain a beautiful skin.


During ancient times, households in Sri Lanka made their own brown rice powder to be used in the preparation of traditional sweetmeats. Even today, people in the rural areas make their own rice powder for the same purpose.

Rice should be soaked in water overnight to make the rice soft so that rice is easily pounded. Prior to pounding, water in rice should be well drained and rice should be dry. The soaked rice can then be pounded using a mortar and a pestle or a food processor. In order to obtain fine powder, ground rice should be sieved.

When making brown rice cream, the soaked rice is drained to remove water and grinded by adding any liquid such as milk or rose water. The cream can also be made by adding milk or rose water to the brown rice powder.

The ground brown rice cream can be used as a face as well as body scrub.


To prepare brown rice mask, the powder can be combined with any liquid ingredient such as milk, fruit juice, honey, yoghurt, lime juice or rose water. The ingredients added in the brown rice powder can enhance the efficacy of this nutritious mask.

If you have a dry skin, treating the skin with face masks which provide hydration to the skin can be of help to get rid of dryness of the skin. The dry skin can also lead to wrinkles. Brown rice also has essential oils to keep the skin moisturized. A face mask containing the combination of brown rice powder, yoghurt and honey can be of help to moisten the skin and to get rid of dryness. Milk and brown rice powder mask also help get rid of the dry skin with regular application.

Brown rice and chickpea mask helps obtain a fair skin.

The dull skin can be brightened with the regular use of brown rice powder with lime juice and honey.


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